How to Boost your Result in JEE Main 2019 April Session?

The first session of JEE Main has already been concluded in January. And now the students must be prepared for the April session examination. Candidates who are not satisfied with their result of January’s leg can apply for the exam. The second session will be conducted from April 7 to 20. Candidates can register themselves for the same from February 8 to March 7, 2019. Admit Card for JEE Main April Session exam will release on March 18, 2019.

The April session exam will provide a second chance to the candidates who missed their first attempt. Those candidates who want to improve their ranking can also sit in the examination. Thus, April session is definitely important for most of the candidates and it is also important to prepare well for the exam. So, to know how to enhance the JEE Main Result, read the article below.

Focus More on Weak Subjects

Candidates who already appeared in the first session will be able to find out the topics from which difficult questions were asked. So they must clarify their doubts before sitting in the second session.

Candidates are advised to devote time cautiously to every subject and pay equal attention to each topic. Try to pay more attention to the complicated topics to understand them well. Make a time table based on the syllabus and try to follow the same strictly. Make a well-devised study plan and practice as many mock tests as you can for a better understanding of the exam pattern.


Use Your Time Judiciously

Everyone is aware that the board examinations and the JEE Main April session are scheduled close to each other. So, it becomes essential for the aspirants to work hard and perform well in both the exams. During the time in between board exams, candidates are advised to not only focus on scoring good marks but also to prepare simultaneously for JEE Main.

There are some topics included in various subjects which carry more weightage in comparison to other topics. Also, there are some topics which are parts of JEE Main but are not the part of JEE Advanced. So, candidates tend to ignore these topics. However, they are advised to prepare these subjects and score well in the examination.


Practice More and More

The main focus of the aspirants should be towards clearing their underlying concepts. Solve more and more questions after clearing your basics. No other book than NCERT is better for clear your basic concepts. So, before jumping on to any other book candidates are advised to study from the NCERT textbooks of Class 11 and 12.


Tips to Ace JEE Main 2019 April Session


Candidates can follow the below mentioned tips to improve their score in JEE Main 2019 April session:

  • Try to solve at least 40-50 numerical questions in a day from the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Make short notes of whatever you study.
  • Devote more time to difficult topics and spend less time on easy questions.
  • While practising questions, analyse your mistakes and try to learn from it.
  • Make short goals and try to achieve them on a day to day basis.
  • Stay positive throughout your preparation.
  • Take proper rest and never study for long hours as it might affect your health.
  • Include short breaks in between your study hours and avoid studying continuously.
  • Practice questions from previous year JEE Main papers.
  • By regularly practising from past papers, candidates will be able to analyse the examination pattern of JEE Main and will get to know about the type of questions that might be asked in the entrance examination.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, candidates must remember that it is their confidence and hard work which will help them in getting their seat confirmed in IITs or NITs. So, do not worry about the result and focus on your hard work and studies.

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