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How to score 250+ in the JEE MAIN 2020 ?

The key to success in JEE MAIN is simple- Keep time for your self-study, always.

My mantra had always been very simple- study, answer tests, analyses, and sleep. Always remember,

Every game came be won, if played with right strategy, in mind.

  1. Make a study plan- Allot your chapters and subjects that you need to get done with, monthly. Allot the last THREE months for Mains mock tests.
  2. Make a routine, and no matter what stick to it. Please do not torture yourself, when I say stick to your routine. Your routine should not be compromising on your sleep. At any cost.
  3. Allot time in your self-study hours, separately for practicing questions from previous years, every time you are done with a chapter. Try enrolling into an All India Test Series- it gives you clarity about where is your rank among people who most definitely going to appear in the exams. Analyze the answers to these mock tests, understand how you can make yourself better.
  4. Keep short term goals. Like in a week, keep practical goals- Have to finish 4 chapters along with their exercises and mock tests. Achieve them. Always.

FOR PREPARATION-Books to be followed are already known to you I suppose, yet I would reiterate them for you

Physics- HC Verma, DC Pandey, previous year question papers2.

Chemistry– P Bahadur for physical chemistryNCERT for organic and inorganic chemistry, try KHAN Academy videos if you need conceptual understanding in certain topics. Follow road maps in Organic Chemistry to remember better, like


Math’s RD SharmaRD Sharma Objective and question banks and Arihant or Cengage. Do not ignore this section, this boosts your rank.

NOTE TO BE TAKEN: There might be times when you feel desperate, and are tired of your routine. Imagine the satisfaction, the smile on your parents’ faces, and on yours when you are low.

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