JEE Main 2019: NTA Releases Official Notification for CBT Exam

National Testing Agency (NTA) is the new organizing authority for national level entrance examinations such as UGC-NET, CMAT, GPAT, NEET and JEE Main 2019. Another major change introduced this year is introduction of CBT (Computer Based Test) in the above mentioned exams with exception to NEET. NTA released an official notification for CBT with detailed instructions to take the test in online mode on September 27, 2018.

As per the report, all the above-listed examinations will be conducted through Computer Based Test i.e. CBT wherein the candidates will have to give the exam online on a computer within the stipulated period of time. With the aim of clearing the air of doubts lingering regarding the exam, NTA has released a notification which comprises of the general guidelines and procedures to be followed for the CBT Exam.

The first phase of JEE Main 2019 is slated from January 06 to January 20 in multiple seatings. JEE Main Application Process closes on September 30 while the admit card for JEE Main is expected to be released on or after December 17. The registration fee can be filled by October 1st, 2018 through online mode or by using bank challan.

Guidelines for JEE Main 2019 Online Examination

The official notification for CBT contains detailed instructions for candidates to take the exam successfully.

Marking of answers

The answers can be changed at any time during the examination. In order to save the answer, the candidate must click on the “Save & Next” button. It is immensely important for the candidate to ensure s/he clicks the “Save & Next” button after responding to any answer or else the answer won’t be counted as marked.

In case the candidate wants to mark the question for review (without answering it), they must click on “Mark for Review & Next” button.

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Changing of answer

As mentioned, the candidate can change their answer anytime during the examination. They have the option of changing the previously saved answer of any questions during the entire test. In order to change the answer that has been already answered, the candidate must follow the procedure:

  • Click on the corresponding question from the Question Palette.
  • Then click on “Clear Response”. This option lets you clear the previously answered response.
  • Later on, the candidate can follow the procedure to answer the questions like that of others.

Allocation of Computers

Each candidate will be allotted a separate computer. Herein, they would be required to feed in their login details on the computer about the day of the exam.

Starting of Test

Once the login details are fed in the computer, the candidate will be able to see the entire instruction of the examination listed on the screen. Candidates are advised to go through the entire instructions carefully regarding the type of questions and marking scheme before proceeding to take up the test.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer would be displayed on the top right side of the screen. As soon as the timer reaches zero, the examination will end. Candidates will not be required to submit or end the examination. It will end automatically as soon as the countdown timer reaches zero. However, candidates must ensure to save their responses (whether changed ones or unanswered) after answering every question within the time frame or else the answer would be rejected.

In addition, candidates will be provided with blank sheets for doing rough work or calculations. In order to acquaint the students with the CBT format and the examination, candidates can download the mock tests available on the official website of NTA for familiarising with the scheme of examination and gaining hands-on practice.

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