Students find Mathematics as the most difficult subject. It becomes complicated because of a large number of formulas. There are a huge number of concepts that make mathematics very difficult for students. Mathematics needs a lot of practice and dedication. It can be the most interesting subject if all concepts are understood well and basics are kept clear. Here are a few strategies which can help the students to master the subject.

  1. Mathematics is all formula based. It is very important to have all the formulas on the fingertips.
  2. Make a separate note of all the formulas and derivations and keep revising them on a daily basis.
  3. Keep practicing all difficult problems and do not miss out on any type of problem.
  4. Keep track of all recent types of problems.
  5. Practice different mock test papers and all previous year’s question papers.
  6. Keep track of your errors and rectify them. Understand the concepts well in order to prevent those errors in the future.
  7. Do not try to memorize the problems. Master all the key concepts. Understand the logic behind the solutions. Memorizing problems will not take you anywhere.
  8. Clear all your doubts. does not keep your doubts stacked. Get the doubts clarified as soon as you get one.
  9. Relate your problems to real-world situations.
  10. Create a distraction-free environment. Mathematics needs a lot of concentration. Any disturbance in the environment will increase the chances of making mistakes.



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